Activities involved in the Project

Under our on-going Pilot (Hygiene & Safe water community programme) benefiting 13,423 people in 14 villages of Kimihurura and Kazo Districts, We empower communities by integrating sanitation and hygiene education through provision of Training to communities on basic hygiene practices, construction of water bodies, provision of rain-water harvest tanks as well as

  • Constructing government approved Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrines for schools and marginalized families
  • Provision of hand washing equipment in our project schools
  • Installing waste management disposal vessels and conducting health and hygiene outreach activities in the target communities.
  • Provision of Safe drinking water purification system in community schools
  • Constructing new Borehole wells and Pumps
  • Rehabilitating damaged water sources

Community need for more projects in future

The need in Uganda remains huge and we are always overwhelmed with requests from villages and communities wanting a safe water supply and an improved ventilated pit-latrine. There are many more rural water scarcity communities in urgent need of safe water and improved sanitation facility.

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Around the world, every marginalized community has distinct needs and suffers from its own set of obstacles. Our Education and Health programs focus within impoverished communities of Western Uganda and are designed to make a difference in needy Schools & underprivileged Children achieve SDGs 6.1, 6.2 and 4.