"Where there is hunger anyone will not experience hope"

Provision of Child Education sponsorship is our Key role through CCSAE but through our sponsored children in some partner schools, we have noticed that many of our sponsored children are not able to meet successful learning sessions because of an empty stomach. We all know the added value of Food and its goodness to the body, but imagine a child who is sponsored with an education package (school fees sponsorship) and later lacks a small meal during Lunch time.

When we visited Destiny Christian Primary School, we discussed on establishing a School Lunch Program that will provide a nice nutritious meal between 500 to 600 children. Many of these children come from our marginalized communities – families that are unable to afford public school fees. Over the years, we have seen that many of these children struggle in class because there arriving at there schools having had little or no breakfast and many of them get little to eat at their homes.

School Feeding Program

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