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At CCSAE, we are enthusiastic  in  fighting malnutrition . Upon enrollment, students receive a basic physical exam because of the situations and extreme poverty of the families and backgrounds they come from. Most of these children come to CCSAE   suffering from kwashiorkor which is a form of malnutrition caused by lack of protein in the diet, mostly in children from  5 years and above. These children  come with swollen bellies, broken and scaly skin  and  frequent infections.  CCSAES’ goal, is to improve the children s’  general health and decrease their exposure to diseases . Children are given lessons in basic healthcare skills and hygiene such, as hand washing,drinking boiled water , brushing teeth ,etc…  CCSAE   tries to combat malnutrition by providing nourishing meals, which becomes  a big  challenge  due to   lack of funds.   Some come when they are suffering from rickets, a disease  common in children due to lack of  vitamin D in their body which causes them to suffer from soft bones and skeletal deformities. In this case, enough milk, vegetables and fruits  are needed . Worms such as; round worms and tape worms    are common in villages  and are  another  serious problem in these children.  Your  financial assistance will  help CCSAE  provide adequate nutrition to these children,identify and treat their  malnutrition .



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