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CCSAE has supported the welfare of Destiny International School to foster Education in poor communities in Kiruhura District. Our  Kindergarten Section  at present has 3  classrooms  each with 40 children   ages 3- 6 years.  All  of these classrooms are constructed with wood  as  you can see below,  Whenever it rains it becomes a  total disaster for these  children. With your  contribution  CCSAE will enhance the construction of  3 classrooms for Kindergarten section in order to foster a better environment for these young  children.

Our Kindergarten classes are arranged around a variety of learning centres which are planned to give children the opportunity to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, CREATE, and LEARN. These centres provide the children with the opportunity to make choices, interact with materials and peers, and participate in imaginative play. Children will learn to share and problem-solve, develop physical and motor skills of coordination and manipulation, and expand their vocabulary and communication skills. Throughout the day they learn to be responsible for themselves and respectful to others.


 The  school is desperately in need of more infrastructure and completion of the existing ones.  Our Primary section has 2 blocks with seven classrooms  and all of them need to be completed .  Our current  classrooms  need windows, doors, flooring , plastering, painting , desks and blackboards which  has been a big challenge  for  us.  Primary Section has  Day and Boarding sections. We have been renting  a place  which  we have been using  as a boys dormitory but the rent keeps going higher and higher.  Presently we are in the middle of constructing a boys  dormitory for 300 beds which needs roofing and completion. We need men and women who can  support us financially to give these children a place to sleep.  Your Support can  change  the lives of these children.

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