Improved Sanitation & well constructed toilets in rural schools

Purpose of the Project:

Show me your toilet. I want to know how much you really respect our health and hygiene.

The project aims at enhancing pupils’ learning conditions through the construction of safer hygienic toilets at Destiny Christian Primary School.

Currently 600 pupils are sharing two toilets which are almost full. Its implementation will solve the toilet shortage problem but also other related problems – teachers’ poor productivity, pupils’ poor academic performances, drop out and low self-esteem. It will contribute to increasing the enrolment, retention and academic success rate of pupils.

Many school owners and school administrators fail to make a connection between the provision of a clean, pleasant and safe toilet facility and children’s short and long-term physical and mental health and learning outcomes. CCSAE argues strongly for reforms, through visiting, teaching, demonstrating, fundraising and supporting better improved health practices in community schools.

CCSAE Evaluations

CCSAE has also evaluated that

  • The poor condition of school toilet is deterring children from drinking sufficient water during the day (to avoid having to urinate). The associated dehydration is impacting on centration and learning.
  • Lack of privacy in school toilets is associated with mis-behaviour
  • Sub-standard toilets (with inadequate cleaning schedules) are making children feel there are not respected or valued at school

Community need for more projects in future

The need in Uganda remains huge and we are always overwhelmed with requests from villages and communities wanting  an improved ventilated pit-latrine. There are many more rural water scarcity communities in urgent need of safe water and improved sanitation facility.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene programs

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Around the world, every marginalized community has distinct needs and suffers from its own set of obstacles. Our Education and Health programs focus within impoverished communities of Western Uganda and are designed to make a difference in needy Schools & underprivileged Children achieve SDGs 6.1, 6.2 and 4.