The  CCSAE project supports a lot of children affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty .Children who  were sick  and didn’t know if they would ever have a future or ever visit a classroom . With your  contributions, CCSAE  can help these children to have quality Educations,  healthcare, nutrition  and other basic needs . In 2015, we lost  three  (3) of our students  ages 6, 9  and 10 years  old to the killer diseases  AIDS and Malaria.  The CCSAE health project has continued to  be beneficial in addressing these issues, in terms of treatment for the children ,health education  about    HIV/AIDS testing and counseling . CCSAE has managed to provide mosquito nets to most of the children who are HIV/AIDS infected to protect them from other infections.

Despite CCSAE best efforts, it  still faces  a severe shortage of funds to provide support for these  orphans and vulnerable children .  With your assistance, we are  the only hope for these  hopeless children. Please save a life  by sponsoring a child,  by  donating  on line or by sending  in a check.

 Bridegette, 14 years of age, is an orphan who was  born in Southwestern Uganda. She was 6 years  old when  she lost both of her parents  due to HIV/AIDS . By the time they passed away she was left  all alone to care for her younger sibling who was 3 years old who later died also from HIV/AIDS. She had no relatives or friends to take care of her. She used to beg for food to eat everyday from house to house.Most of the time she  would sleep on  an empty stomach.  Grace who is one of our team, met her on the streets  and she was crying because she had been hungry the whole day. When  Grace stopped she came running to her .  Grace  asked her why she was crying and  she started telling  Grace how she was so hungry.   Grace  asked about her parents and she started telling  Grace  that they both had  died.  As  Bridegette was telling  her,   Grace could not stop crying.  She decided to take  Bridegette  with her  home,  gave her food, clothes and Later   took her to school. Bridegette   was always sick and  not until  she was taken  for  HIV screening and   found to be  positive. It was also discovered that her system was almost  shutting  down.  She was  started  on  HIV medications right away. Medications are working so  well , her immunity is very  high and the virus itself is no longer detected in her blood.  Bridegette   is  now  enrolled in  the 7th Grade at Destiny International  Christian Schools  living  positive with HIV but  full of  hope and joy.  With your support  she can live a normal life like any other healthy  child .

    mosquito nets    Bridgette before   Bridgette after

These  4 children were orphaned by the killer disease HIV/AIDS, their father died  and their  mother died the following day . Dunia , (who is in the blue T-shirt ) was the oldest at 9 years old, left with 3  other younger siblings Peter 7, Stella 5and Peace 3. Their  grandmother who was taking care of them was also suffering from severe  Rheumatoid arthritis which made it impossible for her  to take care of them.  They were suffering ,cooking for themselves  at those  young ages. The CCSAE enrolled them  at  Destiny International Christian Schools  under their  Orphanage project.  They need nutritional support because they are always sick .   Your financial support can save the  lives of these helplessness  children.
IMGdunia_peace_stella    Peter_dunia_peace_stell001a
These two girls Sylivia and her younger sister Gloria were left alone when both of their parents died of AIDS.   Sylivia was 6 years, Gloria was 4. They  are both HIV positive,  enrolled in the CCSAE  HIV/AIDS  project  at Destiny International  Christian Schools.  They both need anti-retro-viral treatment ( HIV medications) and nourishing food to keep them healthy. They are always  sick  with infections. You are  the only hope for these precious young girls.
slyvia_gloria1   slyvia_gloria2