CCSAE has supported the welfare of Destiny International School to foaster Education in the Rural area. The Kindergaten Section having the low foundation elementary children has been positioned to enabled a future for our children. Though your generous support, we can enhance the construction of these classrooms in order to foaster a better environment for our children.

Our Kindergarten classes are arranged around a variety of learning centres which are planned to give children the opportunity to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, CREATE, and LEARN. These centres provide the children with the opportunity to make choices, interact with materials and peers, and participate in imaginative play. Children will learn to share and problem-solve, develop physical and motor skills of coordination and manipulation, and expand their vocabulary and communication skills. Throughout the day they learn to be responsible for themselves and respectful to others.
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Destiny International Christian School has been thriving on hard work and dedication by both Teachers and Students achieving high standards. The consistently impressive performance at the Primary Leaving Examinations, confirm the high standards achieved by the children and this gives them an excellent preparation for the next stage of their education. Though the school is desperately in need of more infrastructure, the dedication towards excellence has been very motivating to the community which now look at it as a light at the end of the tunnel.