Skills Development Training Program

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Skills Development Training Program


As many say Life is a struggle; the circle to Education is also endless. While others are struggling to finalize there education, others are finding it hard to write a National Exam for that particular academic Year.

However through support generated to have a child’s future supported to have a School certificate, diploma or degree, there others who may not meet the standards, criteria's and requirements of the screening process.

Much as we wont discriminate in society, we choose to look into the future and lay hands on practice of these school drop outs and low performing students in secondary schools. CCSAE has partnered with various TVET schools to promote Trainings and Skills Development practice in order for these students to have access to meet there future goals.

Many Graduates leave Higher institutes of learning with hopes of meeting white cola jobs. Unfortunately there shocked to try as hard as there degree guarantees them to end up missing an opportunity of a Job. Its why at CCSAE we look at students who would want to gain a career to join hands in practice and get scholarship funding

TVET Courses that we fund

  • Farming & Agriculture including Crop & Animal management
  • Catering & Hotel Management