Child Sponsorship Program

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Child Sponsorship Program


The children in our sponsorship program are orphaned, abandoned, or come from extremely poor families who are eager to escape from the poverty that has trapped their family for generations. Childcare Support & Education Organization (CCSAE) Project’s philosophy is that Education is the powerful vaccine and together we can “break the bitter chains of poverty.”

At CCSAE, we focus on providing education to children so they can grow up to break the circle of poverty in their family. Just sponsoring one child and helping them complete school can be a change that impacts the same family for generations.

We ask you to help sponsor a child with an amount within your budget. Unlike almost all other charities, we do not set a fixed amount to sponsor a child, and many sponsors donate less than this, requiring multiple sponsors for each child in the program. We know that some people can give more, and others less. We appreciate all sponsorships very much.