Build a class for impoverished communities

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Build a class for impoverished communities


All children no matter where they live or what their circumstances, have the right to quality education. We envision working together with all partners to create a better safe learning classrooms, and technological and well-managed educational environment by delivering resources to aid in achieving safe, modern classrooms.

And because of this, we assume that every child deserves to be educated in a safe and comfortable classroom. Our organization model supports this compassion-based vision by offering safe reliable and competitive resources to the community as we envision fostering deep relation that is individualized, reliable and trustworthy.

At CCSAE, we are committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. We work diligently to ensure that 100% (minus credit card fees) of all donations towards projects are allocated and invested wisely. Our hope is that this will be the beginning of a collective movement to alleviate extreme poverty in rural areas of Uganda.

If only there was a school in this village; these children and many others would have a better future