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Though  these needy children are in school they still lack a lot of basic needs like clothes , shoes and bedding.  By providing this service, CCSAE hopes to ease the financial burden on  poor  families and orphaned or street  children, to build self-esteem in children and improve their readiness to learn at school.
Our project provides  all types of clothes new or used  to these  orphans and vulnerable children.  These children  normally wear torn clothes  to the extent of going completely  naked which is  heart breaking . Your donation will help provide critical support to the children  of Kiruhura  District in Uganda who are  experiencing  extreme  poverty.

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Everything the organization collects will  be sorted, divided and delivered to the children,  This problem can be solved by providing  financial support to buy them clothes,or by giving  new or used  clothes.  Orphaned children get a direct benefit from this project. With this, they feel happy and confident, and get a sense of belonging and care from CCSAE, this in-turn will challenge them to live and pursue a noble and ambitious life.  Giving  overcome poverty.


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