Background of CCSAE Organization.

Childcare Support and Education was formed in 2015 adopting Destiny International Christian School which was founded by Grace Agaba, a practicing Nurse in California, and her brother Alosious Kahangire,  in 2004.

Grace Agaba,  the CEO of Childcare Support and Education  who is also a  Director of Destiny International Christian  schools, was born and raised in the poorest family and community deep in Africa ( Uganda), in a  village called Kanoni in the  Kiruhura District. Her parents passed away when she was still young, leaving her with her  6 younger siblings. She grew up not only being poor but also an orphan. Being the oldest child,  Grace had to drop out of school to start working for minimal wages to start taking care of her  siblings and to make sure that they could also get a little education. Though she couldn’t get enough education, Grace agrees that education is the best Investment one can give a child in this world.

Grace grew up seeing a lot of children in  her community  who could not afford  to go  to school due to poverty, and  some being  orphans who lost their parents to killer diseases, Aids, cancer, malaria and more.  Being poor and an orphan, Grace  could imagine what these children were going through.  Her vision and dream was for all children in poor communities to have education, food, clothes and medical care.  Grace agrees that all boys and girls should at least complete  primary education.

In 2004, with the help of her young brother they found a teacher who started teaching the orphans and needy children under  a  tree. They started with 8 children who came with torn clothes, no shoes, no books. As God permitted, Grace started sending them used clothes she collected from her friends in USA. After one year they became so many that they could no longer   be under the tree, so  Grace and her brother   started  renting  classrooms. After 2 years the rent kept going higher and higher and the amount of children  kept becoming more and more. In 2008  they decided to buy a small piece of property and started building classrooms one by one. In 2012  they  were forced to  add  a Secondary section  so that  they  could keep helping  the children  who who didn’t have a school  to go to  after the completion of their  primary  education.

Now, they are 550 students enrolled in Destiny International  Christian Schools  and others are on the  waiting list. Investing in these children,  those who were hopeless are  getting hope.


Board Members
Alosious Kahangire
Founder & Director

Founder and Managing Director Destiny International Christian Schools, was born and raised  in Western Uganda, lives in Uganda, owner destiny…

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Financial Secretary

Enid Mwebaze, Was born in Uganda, Lives in Van Nuys ,CA worked as head of Accounts National Agricultural research organization,…

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ADVISORS & MEMBERS Stephen Ochs Mitchell Stever Judy Grund David Blankstein David Ndyabangira Leah Moss Alan Wohl Sean Hart

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