The  CCSAE project supports a lot of children affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty .Children who  were sick  and didn’t know if they would ever have a future or ever visit a classroom . With your  contributions, CCSAE  can help these children to have quality Educations,  healthcare, nutrition  and other basic needs . In 2015,[…]

KindergatenPrimary SchoolCCSAE has supported the welfare of Destiny International School to foster Education in poor communities in Kiruhura District. Our  Kindergarten Section  at present has 3  classrooms  each with 40 children   ages 3- 6 years.  All  of these classrooms are constructed with wood  as  you can see below,  Whenever it rains it becomes a[…]

At CCSAE, we are enthusiastic  in  fighting malnutrition . Upon enrollment, students receive a basic physical exam because of the situations and extreme poverty of the families and backgrounds they come from. Most of these children come to CCSAE   suffering from kwashiorkor which is a form of malnutrition caused by lack of protein in the diet,[…]

ClothesBlankets Though  these needy children are in school they still lack a lot of basic needs like clothes , shoes and bedding.  By providing this service, CCSAE hopes to ease the financial burden on  poor  families and orphaned or street  children, to build self-esteem in children and improve their readiness to learn at school. Our[…]