CCSAE is providing educational  support  for  550  Orphans and Vulnerable children who could not otherwise afford to attend school. These children have all been orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS or other diseases like malaria and cancer. Some of these children are themselves infected with HIV/AIDS.

Education is  vital for a child to escape poverty. Your support can give these children the best chance to bring about positive change in their communities and families.

Students we sponsor at Destiny International  Christian Schools ,  are in two different  sections. Day Section and Boarding Section. Boarding Section includes; Lodging, educational support, food, bedding, it also provides  students who have lost both parents with a stable place to live ,security and a better environment for study. Students who are not in the  boarding section,often struggle to get  food and other basic needs.  For this reason, many students are seeking sponsorship  and hope to attend  the boarding section. With sponsorship fees, people of all budgets can change the life of  a  child.

School fees is as follows:
Kindergarten; Has 3  classrooms  from 3-6 years old.  Day section ; A  child needs $50 for a semester (3 months) which includes education, uniform, food, stationary ,medical care and  other  basic needs.  Boarding  section : A child needs $100 a semester (3 months) which covers education, uniform,  daily clothes, stationary, bedding, food, medical care and other daily needs.

Primary Section:  Day  section :  A child needs $100 a semester (3months)  which  covers ;  Education, Uniform, Food and Stationary .  Boarding section: A child needs   $200 which  covers:  Education, Uniform  daily clothes, Food, Stationary, Medical care, bedding   and  other daily  basic needs.

Secondary Section:  All  children are in  the Boarding Section.   A child needs $250 which covers  educational support, food ,  uniform  and other daily  clothes,, medical care and accommodation . It’s not enough to get these  children in school, we also need to ensure that they are getting the best education.  Despite CCSAE’s efforts, it is still faces with a severe shortage of funds   to pay  teachers and non staff  wages  at Destiny International  Christian Schools. Your contribution will greatly benefit  a child’s life and future.

Destiny International Christian Schools  have  been thriving on hard work and dedication by both teachers and students, achieving high standards. The consistently impressive performance at the Primary Leaving Examinations, confirm the high standards achieved by the children and this gives them an excellent preparation for the next stage of their education. Though the school is desperately in need of more infrastructure, the dedication towards excellence has been very motivating to the community which now look at it as a light at the end of the tunnel. CCSAE is asking for your  assistance to meet the needs of these needy children.
 Simon Twinamatsiko,  both  of  his parents died of AIDS when he was just 2 years old, leaving him  with his grandmother  who was 80 years,  who   later died of a snake bite when he was  just  5 years old . This left him with his   uncle who was  an alcoholic and abuser,    He  was  abandoned, neglected , depressed and  sleeping  on the streets  without anything to eat. Kahangire Alosious who is also one  of our directors in Uganda, came across him crying and so skinny. After narrating what was going on in his life, Alosious   was so  touched . He  enrolled him in the CCSAE   Orphanage  program .   Though Simon’s parents died of Aids he was tested  for HIV and fortunately  he  was found negative.  He is now 15 years  old and in  High school at Destiny International Christian Schools,  very happy and full of  hope for the future .   Your sponsorship will help provide  reliable medical care, educational assistance,clothing ,food and much more.  For just $50 a month you can sponsor a child and change a life.
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Kenneth and his younger  brother Andrew  had parents and were living happily like any other family . Their father died in  the war that happened in Northern Uganda   in 2000. As if that was not enough even their mother left them without any trace  due to mental illness. These  children aged 8 & 11  years old ended on streets begging for food .These children  suffered and were depressed without  any hope. In 2010 Grace who was visiting Uganda met them  and she was touched by what she saw .She called them asked them how they ended up on streets, as they started narrating the story,  Grace  started shedding tears . She invited them to her home , offered them a shower, a good meal and  clothes. The smiles came back on their faces.They were quickly enrolled at Destiny International  Christian Schools  under our  Educational project. They are now full of  hope  and joy .  We are  looking for sponsors  who can assist them in their education and other basic needs.  Your  Love and  support  will unlock the potential within these children’s hearts.
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